Boy, Get a Life!



I duck and hide
And throw a mine
I'm a roxxor, I can kill in a blink of an eye
With my keyboard, and with my mouse
I can shoot you before you know I was behind

Every time I log onto
This crazy game I turn into
A serial killer that spends too much time,
Way too much time

I hear a sound
I have no time
To care about that, there's a bunch of foes behind
Wait, that's my wife!
She's got two suitcases
She seems mad at me and sorry at the same time

Before I can turn off the sound
She slams the dooor and now she's out
I can hear a man's voice from a car that shouts :
"Boy, Get a Life!"


Musique : Pierre Dorso
Chant et Paroles : Christian Bruel


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