D&P began in july 2000 ; BChris (grabpics), Sko (fanart), Matty (design), Yoda (criticism) and Chris (what's left) welcome you!
This special page was built in February 2001, for English speaking people.
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Well, mostly the "Media", "Trading Cards", the "Galleries" section ... and the "only pictures" pages. There are about 5400 different pictures in the site.
Most enjoyed are Wallpapers, Videotape covers, and Sko fan-art.
Feel free to browse all pages, since most of D&P consists in pictures.

This site was first started for one major reason : I needed it as a tool to arrange my videotapes more easily ; One of my best friends became the translator of the Bongo comics, here in France, and I also wanted to offer him a place where he could get some info ("How did the French TV translate that?").
Another reason was that I didn't find a "useful" French Simpson site, only "cloudbackgroundfullofanimatedgifs" ones. Then I enjoyed more and more improving this site, hoping you enjoy it too :)
2 sections here are specifically French : 
The Episodes Guide, where all episodes are arranged by season, each of them having a small pic scanned from the "Guide to our favorite family", and the blackboard quote (mouseover on the pic). Each illustration is linked to the SNPP capsule, and I like to thank Jouni officially here ; it's very convenient, for French users, to read that wonderful work and the original content of an episode (As you guessed, here on French TV, all was translated).
The Blackboard Quotes, where I re-translated a great deal of them, each quote linked to its specific episode.

First, thanks to Jim for his support, his friendship, and for the trust he gave me. Sarge and him were the first to believe that this yellow French site was worthy ; I owe them more than they know.
Thanks to Matty, my Dutch brained buddy, whose talent (you can see it throughout the site : he designed it :) is incommensurable! You are the clown with the tear-away face, man!
Thanks to BritishChris for his friendship and dedication to make such nice grabpics.
Thanks to SKO whose pictures are brilliant, and are one of the most appreciated items by visitors on this site.
Thanks to Bryan for his kindness, and for making D&P more known throughout the world.
Special thanks to The Simpsons Archives, and the late Evergreen Terrace and The Simpsons Folder. Jukka was my hero.
Special thanks also to the nice French webmasters met through this work : Darknoon, Cletus, Louis-Pierre, Clément, Adrien, and Neotheone.
Thanks to my wife and children (for their patience), and to my old friends/brothers Fred, Luc and Eric ... so many hours spent in front of TV with them :) !
At last, but not least, thanks to François ; your friendship is priceless, and your translations rule!

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